Kalari Packages


Kalari based treatment is more effective in compare with Ayurveda because the oil(Thailam)using the other organic medicine contend attained by Kalari Gurikkal and it's orgin is secret and hereditary.It  is formed for fast relief and recovery of injuries for the warriers of ancient kerala.
Kalari chikitsa is also known as 'Marma Chikilsa' treatment of the vital part of the human body.It is very important treatment of Ortho,Neuro and Muscular diseases such as artajerjes,spinal injuries,sports injuries,bone fractures etc..

Packages Of Kalari Treatment

Kalari Chikilsa

 Kalari Chikilsa is a normal course of treatment for a Relaxation .3 days package.

Rejuvenation Package

This course take minimum 7 days .It comprises kai Uzhichil and ordinary Kizhi  etc,.

Marma Chikilsa

It is very important treatment in kalari considering the vital spots (Marma)on the human body.Kalari masseur uses the marma points to heal the body.It includes  as sophisticated massage as in ayurveda treatment.
Ozhichal,kozhi etc.,