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Yoga is an ancient Indian system of self management for inner transformation .Now yoga is getting more acceptance and popularity because of its time proved benefits to the humanity in terms of physical and mental health .Today’s world is all about management , we manage or time ,business ,money and all other events in our life . Human entity is a system which consists of many dimensions like body, mind, energy, intellect, memory.etc .How do we manage this complex system of our own? The practice of yoga can be the answer because yoga brings harmony, stability and integrity in our system by activating energy body and in other words this practice of yoga brings balance between body, mind and energy. So practice and experience yoga beyond words.

About Mukthi Yoga

Mukthi Yoga is a yoga platform where you get an opportunity to become a Hata Yoga practitioner or trainer through proper discipline and guidance .In the real sense the knowledge of yoga is transferred not in terms of certificate or flexibility, but yoga is happening in terms of knowledge along with the right blend of uplifted energy. The more your energy the more will be your ability to receive and transfer this eternal knowledge. The right understanding of yoga happens when your body, mind and energy are aligned or tuned in a manner where your receptivity is high, without which nothing happens The practice of yoga is considered to be the path of self unfoldment so we are committed to make you transformed from your existing level to a perfect hata Yoga practitioner or trainer and from there to the ultimate freedom or Mukthi We have an initiative to propagate this ancient system of practice through the quality hands and we offer the following programmes to experience the real essence of yoga.

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Know more about Yoga Packages and Training

Yoga Teachers Training Programme (YTTP).

This is one month (200 hr) residential programme and which includes the systematic learning of hata yoga from the point of anatomy and physiology. Here the students will get an opportunity to learn, practice, understand and experience what is the real essence of yoga (asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha & kriya) .After this training programme one can independently take yoga class for all category of people.


  • This programme will make the student perfectly fit to be a yoga teacher
  • Students will get real time experiences in taking yoga classes
  • Authorized yoga teacher training certificate will be provided
  • All sessions are handled by professionally qualified and experienced teachers
  • Post training support will be given

Yoga Teachers Refinement Programme (YTRP)

This is an unique programme designed to upgrade those who are already a yoga teacher. Now a day’s more yoga teachers are there but majority of them are not able to combine both knowledge and practice properly.


  • More focuss is given on yoga philosophy
  • Student will get in depth understanding of Pathanjali Yoga Sutras /Bhagavat Gita /Bhakthi Yoga /Karma Yoga/Jana Yoga/
  • This programme will make the student to communicate both the theory and practice of yoga more effective

Yoga Retreat.

Yoga retreat is a short term programme to experience yoga and is more practice oriented with yogi food .A complete refreshing programme


  • This programme will make you more experiential about yoga.
  • Daily practice module is given.

Yoga Therapy Course.

Yoga Therapy is a yogic approach of managing diseases .All life style diseases can be effectively managed and cured through the practice of yoga. This yoga therapy module will help the student to understand how the healing is happening through yoga and its application.


  • Selected diseases are detailed from the point of yoga therapy
  • Sessions are handled by Doctors
  • One can understand yoga and its healing dimensions